Thursday, June 24, 2010

Embedding test...

Hey, Folks.

This post is just a test to see if this aging monkey can figure out enough of this here computer stuff to embed a video.

If it works, here's something fun.

EDIT: Partial success!!!

I at least got the video on here, but don't know how to resize it to make it a bit smaller.

Anyone with some technical know-how out there who can help me figure it out?


  1. I love this video! Weird Al is hilarious!

    And I'm afraid I don't know enough about this stuff to help. I usually just cross my fingers and hope whatever I'm trying to do works.

  2. I don't know either. But that is a great video. My hubby and I both love it.

  3. Yeah, just knowing how to do this is an achievement for me, so I'm not sweatin' the small stuff.
    Someday I might be tech-savvy enough to figure it out, but til then, I'll deal.
    And Weird Al is great, isn't he?
    I've seen him live a few times and was in serious pain from laughing so hard.

  4. When you click on "embed" on YouTube, there is a control panel type thing below the code you copied. It asks whether or not you want related videos, color scheme, and then there is a line of boxes with numbers below them. That's your video size. I usually just click on the smallest one available, which would be on the far left. After you make all your selections, THEN copy the code. The code changes based on what you select.

    If it's still too big, that means your blog column width is too narrow. You can adjust that through your template design options. But to me it looks like you just need to resize the video.

    Good luck.

  5. Love this! And Lydia, thanks for the tips because I've had a hard time figuring this out too!

  6. Lydia--thanks for the info. I need to run some experiments to see what's off...

    Angela--thanks for visiting!

  7. My husband and I watched this one together this morning...thanks for starting our week off right!