Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Things My Children Say...

Me: Blake, stop running in the house!

Blake: Wheeeeee!!!! Zoom!!! Zoom!!!

Starbuck: WOOF!! (I like you! You are the Small Human who drops food often!)


Me: Blake, I said stop running around in the house with the dog!

Blake: *makes puppy dog eyes* But Dad, this is fun, and you like me to have fun because you love me, don't you?

Starbuck: BARK!! WOOF!!! (This is true, Big Human Who Takes Me Outside. It is fun because sometimes he has candy in his pockets that falls out, and then it is mine!)

Me: Yes, Blake, I love you, and I like for you to have fun. But there is not enough room in this house for you to run around like that, especially when a big dog like Starbuck is going to run around with you. I need for you to NOT run around the house.

Blake: But I have to, Dad. It's my destiny.

Me: Ah. Well. Carry on, then.


Starbuck: WOOF!!! ROWR!!! (CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Me: *Sigh*

Me: *taking hat off after being out in snow* Ok, boys! Who wants some cereal?

Blake: ME!!! ME!!!!

Me: Hunter, what about you? You want a bowl of cereal?

Hunter: Wow, Dad. You're getting bald.

Me: *happy feelings draining, smile eroding* Hunter, I've been getting bald for a long time now.

Hunter: Yeah, I know. But you're really getting balder. Why are you crying?

Me: I'm not crying, Son. I'm weeping. There's a difference.

Hunter: Oh. Can I have some cereal now?

Starbuck: *running in from other room* WOOF!!!! (Cereal?)

Thanks for reading my ranting,


Sunday, January 23, 2011


I haven't been around much lately.

This time, it's not because I've been too busy (although I have been busy just trying to keep up with life).

I've had a serious case of the "blahs" lately, and to be honest, it's been kinda difficult to drum up the motivation to do much of anything.

I'm usually a pretty happy guy, but sometimes things get to me. It's been one of those times lately.

I'll get better; I always do.

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that I'm not dead.

That I know of.
Thanks for reading my ranting,