Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monty Python, Where Are You When I Need You?

Monday evening, Blake and I were waiting for Hunter to get done with his karate class.

Normally, we go and play on the playground, or watch one of the Little League games going on behind the school, but we've had about two days this past month that it hasn't rained.  Monday wasn't one of them, so we sat in the car.

Blake was looking at one of Hunter's books, a rather largish text-book-sized tome about building things with macaroni and straws and stuff.

Then he said (and those of you who know Blake can probably hear the exact tone of voice he used), "I'm gonna hit myself in the head."

"Buddy," I said. "That's probably not a very good idea; that's a very big book."

Well, that's what I was going to say. Actually, what I said was, "Buddy..."


"Ooo," said Blake. "This is a big book."




Then he says ( I swear I'm not making this up):


The only thing keeping this from being a Python movie is that there was no Gregorian chant preceding the "THWACK".

You can imagine how proud I am.

Also, how mystified.

But hey, at least he's enjoying books...

Thanks for reading my ranting,



  1. ROFL!

    Oh Brad, these anecdotes of life with you and your sons are so good. I always laugh out loud (And get glares from pesky librarians or friends watching TV)

    Enjoying books indeed. *rolls eyes*

  2. It's your fault.

    Now I have to find that clip from Monty Python on youtube...

    Found it. hehe. I'm picturing Blake in place of the monks. lol

  3. Hehehehehe!

    Well instead of chants, you had Blakisms. "Mmm wordy."

    Too funny.