Saturday, September 25, 2010

Memories of Adventure, and a Biker Cat...

After Grammy's funeral on Thursday, my brother and I went for a walk on her property, in the woods we played in as kids.

I thought I'd share some of the things that brought me so much adventure and inspiration when I walked there so long ago...

The road to adventure

Stairs to a forgotten nowhere

My own "Wood Between the Worlds"

The old, mysterious flood gate

The gatewall, where I became Indiana Jones

These are just a few of the places to go there; days and weeks of adventure and secret places abound in Grammy's woods.

How could I not be inspired when this was my backyard?

We also got a pretty good pic of my Uncle Tim's cat...

Please put me down...

Thanks for reading my ranting,



  1. Oh so awesome! I'm getting ideas just looking at them. I gotta know...what was back there? Why are there so many old ruiny things?? Gah! I've gotta know!!

  2. There used to be a few cabins and small homes down there that Grammy rented out; but they were abandoned so long ago that the foundations have been reclaimed by the woods, and those stairs are all that remain (when I was a kid, more foundations were still visible, but the houses themselves were long gone).
    As far as the floodgate--that will remain a mystery forever, I think. It was there and already old when Grammy and Grampa moved there in the 30's, and even though the property was already in the family, she never knew who built it or how long ago.

  3. Great pics, Brad. Made me go back to my own childhood spent running through the woods and climbing trees. :-) We didn't have any cool "ruins" to explore, but my backyard was a mountain, so there were plenty of places for my imagination to run wild.

    I especially liked the light on a few of them, the way the sunbeams were streaking through the picture really lent them an air of mystery.

  4. P.S. Poor kitty looks unhappy. My Miss Cleo would have been biting that hand. LOL!

  5. Those are fantastic pictures. I can see where you and your boys get their imagination with places like that in your family background.