Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peanuts, popcorn, and--GAH! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!!

The follwing exchange took place at the circus on Saturday:

HUNTER: Dad, why do you have your telephoto lens out?

DAD: Well, son, you said you wanted your picture taken with the clown, right?

H: Yeah...

D: That's fine, but I'm not going anywhere near that thing.

H: Dad, it's just a guy in make-up and a costume.

D: I know that. Now go stand next to the nice Evil Painted One and--BLAKE!! GET OFF THE STUNTMAN'S MOTORCYCLE!!!


H: C'mon, Dad. What is it with you? Why don't you like clowns?

D: Because thirty of them can fit in a Volkswagen. That's not normal. Plus, you
can't see their real faces.

H: You were fine with meeting Iron Man, and you can't see his face at all!

D: He's a hero, son. Big difference. BLAKE!! YOU ARE NOT A FIRE-JUGGLER!! PUT THAT DOWN!!!!


H: Dad, your own cousin is a clown.

D: That's why we don't visit that side of the family very often.

H: C'mon, Dad. The picture's gonna be better if you stand closer.

D: No, son. My place is here. Away from the monster.

H: Clown, Dad. Clown.

D: Sure, whatever. Now get your brother out of the tiger cage and smile.

That's right: I'm Bozophobic.

To those of you who say that clowns aren't creepy, I present the following:

You are wrong.

Thanks for reading my ranting,



  1. *series of sounds not fit to put into words*

    I love reading your posts. Especially the ones involving your kids. Hehehe.

  2. The technical term is coulrophobia. I don't know why, it should obviously be bozophobia, but at least they've finally acknowledged that it's real.

  3. Rob, it is, am, was, and always will be "bozophobia" to me. It fits better.

  4. LOL funny. I wouldn't say I'm scared of clowns. But I have to wonder why a grown man or woman would want to be one.

  5. Yikes. Now I'M bozophobic, too. Thanks.

    Blake and Little Joe should get together sometime (in a padded room, of course). They'd have a blast.

  6. No problem, Lydia. Always happy to share my fears.
    I think Little Joe and Blake would have an awesome time, but would any of the rest of us survive?

  7. Literally LOLing! You are hilarious! Haylee feels the same way about clowns. Therefore, I send her pictures of them whenever I get a chance! ;)