Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat--or--Penguin Dancin' On A Train...

Just thought I'd share some pics of trick-or-treating with my boys.  They have proclaimed this year the "best Halloween ever", so I think they enjoyed it.

Without further ado:

Ninja Hunter and SuperBlake

My friend's youngest daughter, Macie

Together with Macie's older sister, Mckenna

My nephew, Asher

Asher bustin' a move after some chocolate

The Ghost Train, before...

...and after

On board the train

Some guy's extremely cool yard

Another cool yard pic

Macie and Mckenna (and my arm) at the "after-party" dinner at McDonald's (this shot was actually taken by Blake)

I have so many other great photos I could share, but these pretty much sum up the fun of the evening.

The neighborhood we went trick-or-treating in was like I remember mine as a child: there were dozens of people walking around, folks were sitting out in their driveways or on on their porches passing out candy, and everywhere the train went, people were shouting "Happy Halloween!"

The only bad part about it was that it came to an end.

Til next year...

Thanks for reading my ranting,


  1. Exactly what kind of Penguin is Asher. I'm not sure I recognize (or should) the costume but it's kinda familiar.

    Hunter doesn't look too thrilled in that picture on the train. Maybe it's just that he's not walking around getting candy at that very moment.

    Looks like it was a great time. Glad you all had fun.

    What happened to the old man and devil masks from Drew's picture? I thought those were there picks?

  2. Rob, those other two masks were just them playing around in the store; they didn't make their final decisions until two days before Halloween.
    And Asher is Pablo, the penguin from Backyardigans. He's obsessed with that show.