Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Deux

In order to control more of the known universe (and feed my megalomania), I have created another blog.

Bradley's Brain will continue to be my random-fun-hey-look-at-that-shiny-thing-check-this-out-you-might-find-it-amusing-merciful-zeus-why-can't-Blake-eat-ANYTHING-without-getting-it-all-over-his-face-and-looking-like-the-Joker-type of blog.

But I needed something more focused, a place where I can go to collect my thoughts and ramblings about the craft of writing.

And so was born Second Star to the Right, a place for me to hang my writer's hat (and please, no witticisms about it actually being a dunce's cap. Ok, maybe just a few.).

I hope you'll continue to check in here for the random stuff, as well as Tim's blog, The SF Scrivener, where I'll soon be contributing reviews.

But check out Second Star to the Right, and help me make it a good place for writers and readers.

Thanks for reading my ranting,



  1. I love the name of the new blog. As I am not a writer nor a blogger, I can't comment over there. I'll stick to reading this blog I reckon.

  2. Jennifer, you most certainly can read and comment on Second Star, and are more than welcome to. You forget, I've read some of your writing.
    Besides, you are a reader, so your opinions and comments are valid and needed.