Monday, May 24, 2010

Look Out, Jet Li: There's a Hunter Behind You...

My son Hunter is now a senior yellow belt in his Tae Kwon Do class.

I decided to post some pics because I am so very proud of him.

Of course, Blake is very proud, too, and desperately wanted his picture with Bubby:

And of course, here's Hunter hamming it up (I think he may have inherited some of the goofiness and sense of humor that I got from my Dad):

And to be totally random, here's a pic of what looks like a two-headed gosling (posted mostly because I think the description "two-headed gosling" is insanely hilarious):

Beware: one of the heads is aaaangry...

Hunter, it is an honor being your Dad.

I love you.

Thanks for reading my ranting,


  1. It's going to eat me! (the gosling, not your son) ;)

    Congratulations to Hunter! He wears that yellow belt well. :)

  2. Awesome pics there, Mr. Dad. Grats to the little man you have. (And giggles over the "two-headed gosling.")

  3. Beware: one of the heads is aaaangry...

    Not as funny as "Beware the... Duck!" which is what I thought of when I read that part.

    Congrats to Hunter.

  4. Believe me, Rob, if that had been a duck, that's the quote I would've used.
    Thanks everyone for the congrats to Hunter.
    He definitely earned it.