Monday, March 22, 2010

Myths, Monsters, and More...

This is just a quick post to invite everyone to join us at the Writer's Digest forums for a contest.

You do need to be a member, but don't fret: if you're not already, it's free, and you can register here.

Once you register, scroll down the forums page to Sci-Fi/Fantasy under Critique Central.

The theme for this contest is mythological creatures, and you can find the rules posted in the forum thread.

Please come and contribute (we loves us some new blood), or just come to read and vote.

Or just come to read.

Once you're there, explore a little. I've posted some stuff to read, and many others far more talented than I am have put up some wonderful tales.

Plus, it's just a fun place to hang out.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading my ranting,


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